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後藤 泉 /  Izumi Goto


鈴木 ゆみえ /  Yumie Suzuki

Cook / Japanese craniosacral therapist

藤本 ゆかり /  Yukari Fujimoto

Costume designer / Event planner

Graduated from Toho Gakuen College Piano Dept. via Toho Gakuen high school music dept.  Finished the course of Ensemble Diploma of the same collage. 

Have many experiences including playing as the first pianist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, playing with many world top players, as well as with playing with the Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra directed by Kenichiro Ozawa, the New Japan Philharmonic directed by Michiyoshi Inoue, the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn directed by Roman Kofman and the Kiev Chamber Orchestra as the soloist. 

Released 3 CDs of Beethoven symphony (piano version arranged by Liszt).

Also, her lecture concert at NHK Culture Center Aoyama and Yokohama as well as the cruise concert on Asuka II and regular concerts all over Japan are all popular and highly evaluated.  


She has been performing at various opportunities for people who love classic music and those who are not familiar to, to let all of them feel the great live music.

Graduated from a university in Kyoto, worked for a bank and then entered/graduated from Osaka Mode Gakuen.    

Awarded the ground prize at the NDK fashion contest while at the fashion school.  Went to England with the supplementary prize flight ticket and met WADA EMI.  After returned to Japan, she got her assistant position for the movies “Soong Sisters (directed by Mabel Cheung) and “Pillow Book (directed by Peter Greenaway)”. 

Held her first solo exhibition at Shoeido Shogin room in 1996.  Started the creative activities from her own studio at machiya (wooden house with a narrow but deep frontage that also doubles as a shop at the same time) in Nishijin, Kyoto, then moved to Paris, after toTokyo. 


Her main activities are designing / making of costumes for performances, stages, ballet, weddings, etc. but also cover a wide range of event planning such as the performance event with Buddhist monks at Eikando or “Quatre Saison” when invited for Biennale in France. 
Recently, she has been focusing on activities to explore Japanese sprit = identity, through the “tea” viewpoints.

Enjoying life, focusing on joys and precious things in life through the food job. 

After visiting UK when she was 24 years old, started her journey in France and many other countries in Europe to feel and experience each country. 

Got interest in “market” and has been sponsoring a forest event in her hometown, Shiroi city, called “Sanjussai—Under the trees and on the grass in Shiroi” at the green field in the Shishiba forest, Shiroi city in October every year, collecting something created with people’s hearts and efforts such as vegetables, handmade goods, or tasty foods. 


She has been conducting activities for people to feel something important for human life such as joy of hand-making processes, feeling of handmade goods, forests and fields, etc. 

Also, she started a new activity as the Japanese craniosacral therapist. 

She has been working hard to be able to provide more therapy for the body to relax and regain the natural healing ability only by the laying on of hands.

For this time, she is going to join with her handmade sweets based on the theme of the tea ceremony.

もく ごはん・おやつ Natural me sotto

photo by Ryosuke Asanuma

​photo by ALIA Mark

photo by Shinji Terakawa

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